About Us

Civic Farms is a best-in-breed developer and manager of indoor vertical farms which are driven by multiple technology innovations. In addition to marketing our own brands through multiple channels, we plan to leverage our experience, leader market position, and technology research agreements with universities and inventors to become a hub for innovation, research, and the commercialization of technology solutions.

Our Experience

Since 2009 Civic Farms founders pioneered the vertical farming industry. Drawing from its many years of vertical farming, specialty lighting and real estate experience, our team has designed proprietary growing systems, licensed patented technologies and optimized cultivation/harvesting processes that maximize the efficiency and efficacy of growing indoors.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a technologically agnostic hub for innovation in the vertical farming industry. We see ourselves as providing a conduit for technology transfers, grow models, and improved sustainability through our own specialized R&D as well as our partnerships with universities and inventors.